Terms & Conditions

  • By submitting applications / nominations for Jaivik India Awards 2022, the applicant is deemed to have read and understood the terms and conditions and be bound by them. These terms and conditions include any instructions set out in the application form.
  • Applications which are not complete in every respect are liable to be rejected.
  • Jury members of Jaivik India Awards reserve the right at its absolute discretion to reject any application that it deems inappropriate.
  • Application must be signed by the person responsible for submitting the application and to whom all correspondence regarding the awards should be sent.
  • Fully completed application forms with all supporting documents (including photographs, certificates, awards and / or appreciations, etc.) are to be submitted online before 20th August, 2022.
  • The Awards will be judged by a multi disciplinary panel of judges and their decision will be binding & final on the applicants.
  • Jury of Jaivik India awards reserves the complete right to change the selection process, parameters and time lines as deemed fit.
  • An applicant should submit only one application. Two or more applications from a single applicant will be liable to be rejected.
  • Details of the winners will be publicized on all media, including social media.
  • Any dispute arising will be mutually resolved through an arbitration process only.

Confidentiality Agreement & Commitment

All information shared will remain confidential and will not be shared with any person or organization. It will not be reproduced in whole, or in part, nor any of the information contained therein be disclosed to any third party. There will be no form of reproduction, dissemination, copying, disclosure, modification, distribution and publication of this material. The same will be used only for the purpose of evaluation. Post evaluation the documents will be destroyed.