International Trade Fair – Millets & Organics

05, 06, 07 Jan, 2024

We are proud to announce the 5th edition of India’s biggest trade fair on organics & millets, organized by Govt of Karnataka since 2017, with ICCOA as knowledge partner.

Event: ‘Millets & Organics’ – International Trade Fair, Conference and Buyers Meet.
Venue: Tripura Vasini, Bengaluru
Date: 05-07 Jan 2024

As you aware, this is India’s most widely attended trade fair with hi-quality exhibition from leading companies in Naturals, Millets & Organics’ agribusinesses, B2B Meetings, B2C events, Buyers Delegation, International Conference, Farmers Workshop and Govt/Dept pavilions.
Major components of the event: –

Over 200 booths of millets, naturals & organic companies and brands will exhibit a diverse range of food and non-food organic products. Exhibitors include exporters, retailers, farmer groups, organic inputs companies, govt agencies, etc.
• State Pavilions: Pavilions of Central/State Govts will support farmer groups with third party or PGS certification, fair trade and sustainability standards.
• Industry Pavilion: Promote businesses through companies into food processing, packaging, testing laboratories, equipment, new technologies, and start-ups.
• International Pavilion: Associations/ companies across the globe will also be invited to participate.

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Buyer-Seller Meets:
An integral part of the Trade Fair, BSM brings international and domestic Buyers (including exporters, wholesalers and retailers) to meet with suppliers and farmer groups/ FPOs to transact actual business. B2B meets are organized matching the requirements of buyers with that of sellers. A dedicated Buyer Seller lounge is created at the venue.

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Buyers –

Sellers –

A knowledge sharing conference will be organized for 02 days. It will bring in leading exporters from India and abroad. 200 + delegates from diverse sectors constituting of farmers, traders/exporters, researchers, NGOs, Central and State Governments.

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Farmers’ Workshop:
Special workshop sessions for farmers from many parts of the state and country. These sessions will be held in Kannada & Hindi. Experts on organic production and value-chains will address these sessions. Participants will benefit by understanding the market trends, demands, organic certification process, export potentials etc., and thus understand both the technical as well as the commercial aspect of the millets & organic agribusiness.

Let’s Millet: Be Organic:
Are you aware of the various foods made from millets? Come see, taste and learn the world of millets & organics food (cooking competition, demonstration etc.) The only fair in India where you can eat diverse range of food made from millets and certified organic ingredients.

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